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Prism School ERP Software provides user-friendly dashboards with login access for teachers, non-teaching staff, students, parents and management personnel of your institution. Various modules facilitate all the processes of your institution, from admission of new students to generating transfer certificates when students complete their studies.

Modules and Key Features

Administrators Modules
  • Dashboard: gives you a glimpse of day to day updates like Fees collected, Students or Employees absent etc.
  • Student management: Quick access to all student records, current and alumni, using various filters. Get easy access to student particulars, grades, schedules, parents information, disciplinary and health records e.t.c
  • Calendar &; Event Scheduling: Easily schedule activities from school-wide to class-specific events. Inform and be informed of events happening on and off campus by glancing at your colour-coded BlueBic calendar with day, week, month and year filters.
  • Student Admission: Process automates the various steps involved in admission of students, including registration, subjects assignment, document submission, advance fee submission, and batch allotment
  • Finance Management: Secure and comprehensive finance module that simplifies managing and tracking school finances; i.e creating and assigning fees, tracking full and part payments, and generating finance reports.
  • Configurations, Courses and Batches : it supports all variations of courses and batches in all levels of institution-be it in school, college/university or any professional institute
  • Timetable: Create clear and error-free timetables, ensuring the best utilization and optimization of teachers and employees across your institution.
  • Student Attendance: Record Attendance manually or through biometric device integration.
  • Grading, Results, & transcripts: Create customized grading systems according to your school’s unique structure. Fully automated and error-free result compilation and report generation in multiple formats for students, subjects, classes and levels
  • Message Board, Email, & SMS : Spread the news and keep all your employees, students and parents engaged by bringing the latest happenings right to their dashboard.
  • Human Resource management: Record and organize all employee details, enabling quick access to information and effective management of employee schedule and curriculum.
  • User Roles & Permissions : Assign and manage employee privileges based on the role they play in the institution, such as subject teacher, head teacher, counsellor, principal, accountant, etc.
Student Modules
  • Student Dashboard: Access your personalised dashboard with secure login credentials to monitor and track your child’s progress as well as receive notifications from their teachers and the school.
  • Academic & Behavioural Progress: Easily monitor your progress in your classes, both academically and behaviourally.
  • Results Management: Easily view and print your results for any class or subject.
  • Personalised Alerts: Receive personalized alerts on all school or class events you're participating in. Public holidays too.
  • Timetable: Students can check the complete timetable for the week or a specific day activities
Parents Modules
  • Parent Dashboard:Access your personalised dashboard with secure login credentials to monitor and track your child’s progress as well as receive notifications from their teachers and the school.
  • Academic Progress: View your child’s academic activities and track performance across all subjects, class, level and school sections, including honest and robust teacher remarks and comments.
  • Finance & Fees Payment: Track your child’s finances such as fees payments, levies and discounts. With BlueBic’s secure transaction platform, Conveniently pay fees with your phone or computer using BlueBic's safe and secure transaction platform.
  • Behavioural Assessment: With our concise assessment modules, you can easily monitor your child's behavioural progress across multiple spectrums.
  • Results Tracking: Receive continuous updates on your child’s assessments right from their first day in school, all the way through their learning curve
Teachers Modules
  • Homework Management:Create homework with defined due dates, subject notes, and resources in seconds and instantly share with students. Assign, track & evaluate homework of every student with this smart homework management tool.
  • Attendance Management: Eliminate absenteeism and lateness with BlueBIc’s attendance module. Keep track of your students’ attendance, including lateness. Generate weekly, monthly and termly reports.
  • Grading & Assessment: Unlimited flexibility in creating assessment formats for computing and assigning grades. Keep parents up to date with their child’s progress, plus quickly identify and address patterns of progress for groups or individuals.
  • Report Cards: Fully customizable report cards according to your grading criteria. Generate error-free reports and transcripts.