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PPC is a numbers game where every single click counts. You might have heard 1% - 3% as an ideal conversion rate in PPC campaigns. However, our PPC management solutions are so balanced to deliver ample quality clicks, resulting in higher conversion rates. Most Adwords management agency is virtual factories churning out profitable campaigns. However, not necessarily every campaign is profitable for all.

As an AdWords management agency, We will conduct an in-depth analysis of why your websites are not ranking well, and accordingly how to implement campaigns bringing satisfactory results. Since you pay only for the clicks, we ensure that only quality prospects click to check out your website. PPC being an enormously complex arena, we won't sit back and relax, until we start seeing quality traffic on your website.

The customized services we offer are:
  •  Google AdWords
  •  Bing Advertising
  •  Facebook Ads
  •  Twitter Ads
  •  PPC Retargeting
  •  PPC Consulting & Reporting
  •  Display Advertising
  •  CPM Advertising