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A system development process can follow a number of standard or company specific frameworks, methodologies, modelling tools and languages. Software development life cycle normally comes with some standards which can fulfill the needs of any customer.

We at Prism Infosys include seamless processes for our client gratification and maintain integrated relationships.

Requirement gathering and analysis

We listen to our customers before we talk! We believe that the better understanding of requirement and our customer-centric focus always drive us to create custom innovative solutions which fulfil customer expectations. We gather information through calls, web based questionnaire forms, specification document passed by client etc. Asking the customers for the feedback of our understanding allows us to get a deeper insight into how they expect and how we can do it in the better way.

Once we have the specifications, we break down the feature list, do feasibility study. Discussion on the feature list, delivery timelines etc prior to the approval of the project.


Once the project is approved, Project Manager takes charge for the complete project and plan will be shared with the client. Order of development sprints, length of each sprint, resources needed & milestone dates are decided before commencing the design work. Our full stack team ( Our Designer ) will start design once you approve the wireframes. The design phase will give an outline of system specification that has addressed each feature identified in the initial stage and indicate how that feature will be implemented to ensure maximum ease of use and effectiveness.

Implementation or coding

Development starts with the Application architecture and Database design. We take it module by module based on the planned sprints or as per the final discussion with the client.


Testers get involved in when each milestone is almost done on the planned sprints. Testers write test cases and we follow unit testing, integration testing, Functional testing etc. We use Mocha,Chai and Sinon to test Frontend JS code in TDD based development.

Deployment & Delivery

Each milestone delivery is followed with a demo and walk through with the client. The Deployment & Delivery phase of entire methodology process is launching of the finalized product from client in the market. Becoming live online is final touch to the finish of the project sustenance


We provide maintenance support with different packages/plans for application monitoring, maintenance and for enhancements etc.