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jQuery is a feature-rich, lightweight and cross-platform JavaScript library, which eases the usage of JavaScript on websites. It simplifies the Ajax interaction for fast web development, implementation of Ajax requests, HTML document manipulation, animations, event handling, adding effects and style sheet handlers and using the DOM (Document Object Model). This client side web JavaScript library speeds up the web development by reducing the lines of codes and including it inside the head tags of HTML code. With perfect use of transitions or effects, it helps to create a more attractive and professional website. It’s very easy to understand and use. Unlike the Flash, some of the jQuery effects and search engine bots readable content optimize SEO of a website.

jQuery is the most promising cross-browser and object oriented JavaScript library. Navigating through documents, creating animations, selecting DOM element and many more is made very easy using jQuery. Prism Infosys can help you leverage the benefits of jQuery with our knowledge and expertise.


jQuery Development Services:

  •  jQuery web and plug-ins development
  •  jQuery mobile application development
  •  jQuery performance optimization
  •  Ajax driven web application development
  •  jQuery bug fixing
  •  Widget development