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Human Resource Management System
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Human Resource Management System is a function in organizations designed to maximize employee performance in service of an employer's strategic objectives. HR is primarily concerned with the management of people in the organization, focusing on policies and the system used to carry out all the HR activities. Prism HRMS has all the core Human Resource Management features, from an employee directory and a self-service portal to leave management and work reports wrapped in a social interface that your employees and HR personnel will love to use. With the use of HRMS, you can step up productivity and manage all day-to-day activities much more efficiently.

Prism's HRMS Modules

Automated Payroll System: Integrated Leave, Attendance & Payroll makes the Payroll Process error free & increases accuracy. Process payroll within minutes with all earning & deduction factors.

Employee Data Management: Manage & collate complete employee data, basic information, current & previous employment, & other information efficiently & secure it with high data security management system with Prism’s HRMS.

Attendance Tracking: Track attendance and time worked directly using the calendar. HR can retrieve real time employee attendance on a few clicks.

Leave Management: Managing information about leaves is one of the crucial factors that help in the critical processes such as performance management etc. Leave management module with all the requisite features that will not only save you from making additional efforts, but also save time and money that you used to spend on administration. All the process like leave application, leave balance management and tracking the complete information is made easy as click with Prism's HRMS.

Time Management: Calculate & log the time an employee spends at his workstation. Track his productivity and implement improvements, if required

Travel Reimbursements: Managing travel reimbursements aptly helps realizing the real gains as administering expenses timely and accurately is the only way to calculate your actual income saved. The travel reimbursement module in Prism's HRMS enables any organization as well as its individuals to offer a timely expenditure report conveniently whenever required. This module acknowledging the fact that it is not only about budget consolidations and deductions; it is rather managing corporate travel expense without compromising on quality and productivity aspect.

Salary Slip Management: As the test is booked at reception request is automatically send to laboratory. Lab can feed the result later and prints attractive reports.

Disciplinary Records : This module houses all information related to workplace infractions and disciplinary documentation. This will greatly assist in eliminating chances for repeat occurrences, while enabling management to respond to situations efficiently.

Performance Evaluations: This module contains detailed information related to employee performance evaluations. Questionnaires with your company’s specific expectations will be integrated into the system, so that management can analyze and highlight strengths and risks within an organization. The option to keep electronic copes of attachments also helps to manage performance evaluations strategically.

Salary Slip Management: As the test is booked at reception request is automatically send to laboratory. Lab can feed the result later and prints attractive reports.

Calendars & Notifications: Automatically mark all your important appointments & meetings and receive notifications for upcoming events. You can view your Calendar in the Day, Week or Month view.

Mobile Application: Access HRMS from mobile phones and tablets so that an employee can manage his HR work from anywhere and HRs can manage all processes from any device they choose

Key Features

  • Employee on-Boarding
    • Allows addition of employee particulars
    • Defining Salary breakups
    • Approval system for workflow
    • Human resource Offer checklists
    • Reminder systems for joining and confirmation
    • Furnish to create login for multiple branches of the firm.
    • Provisions for Onboard checklists.
  • Offer Letter Generation
    • HR/Admin authenticated employee on-boarding checklist
    • Prearrangements to create employment letter category
    • Employment letter generation facility
  • Employee Database
    • Facilities to add employee’s information, basics, career and allocations.
    • Details of resource allocation
    • Particulars of employee’s transfer, promotion and transitions
    • Memorandum, News and circular distribution
    • Prerequisites to add project details
    • Details of employee’s communication
    • Module to maintain employee’s joining details
    • HR Management information system
  • Attendance Management
    • Employee shift management and plan creation
    • Furnish features to manage employee shift turns
    • Allows proper work allocation as per requirement
    • Features attendance marking on behalf of the employee
    • Integration of automatic attendance systems
    • Manage attendance reports
  • Leave Management
    • Employee self-service leave application system
    • Approval system for management
    • Used friendly provision for leave management
    • Features that allows management to apply leave in place of the employee
    • Generate leave reports
    • Year-end administration and management
  • Payroll Integration
    • Employee department, location and designation wise payroll actions.
    • Managing loans and installments
    • Module for fixed and variables
    • Bank advice, salary transfer and salary statement generation systems
    • Complete IT declaration system
    • Statutory, payroll and variance reports
  • Performance Management
    • Creation of assessment year
    • KRA & KPI Configuration
    • Complete workflow assessment through ESS – Appraise, Appraiser & Reviewer
    • Provision to evaluate by admin through login system
    • Systems for goals and objectives import
    • Team assessment through MSS
    • Furnishing lists for PMS goals pending and assessment pending’s
  • Claim and reimbursements
    • Salary related/medical claims
    • Travel reimbursements
    • Reimbursement categorization
    • Reimbursement slip generation
    • Reimbursement report generation
  • Statutory Compliance
    • Payroll processing
    • IP model for fixed and variables
    • Pay slip and bank statement generation
    • TDS , Form 16 Generation & IT , YTD Statement
    • IT declaration and document management
    • Report of legislation
  • Timesheet Management
    • Prerequisite to involve multiple client and project details
    • Time allotment for each project
    • Employees can enter hours of projects and dates
    • Approval based workflow
    • Generate time charts
    • Provision to review team/employee wise time sheet
  • Report Generation
    • Navigation to custom reports
    • Report selection menu
    • Parameters entry for reports
    • One click report generation
  • Full and Final Settlement
    • E-separation of workflow by including ESS, MSS and Admin process
    • Termination via E-management
    • Settlement pays slip generation
    • No dues and settlement checklist
  • Employee self service
    • Payroll information including pay history and pay stub details.
    • Comprehensive employee data for direct and indirect reports.
    • Attendance balances and time-off requests.
    • Amenity to View/print pay-slips for multiple months (salary slips + reimbursement pay slip)
    • Features for employee & Manager to Apply Leave, Approve Leave, geek Leave balance.
    • IT declaration through ESS
    • Facility to View/Print YTD, IT Statements
    • Advance a Query/Trouble Tickets
    • TO do List for Managers / Admin
    • Reimbursements claim Upload
    • View Holiday List, HR Policy Manual,HRMS forms, bulletin.