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Constantly changing business environment is increasing the complexities of various business processes. The top most thrust areas in the business relationship are adhering to a flexible business model. The traditional business models are no more applicable to the present working environment.

When you outsource to Prism Infosys, you can expect cost savings, high quality service, superior project control and dedicated resources. You will also have the freedom to choose an offshore engagement model that suits your business needs.

Fixed Cost

The Fixed Cost Model is ideal for well defined projects of low to medium complexity. The model requires well-defined technical requirements in the form of software specification documents. Under this business model, a fixed price is negotiated between the client and the development company.

  • If the scope is definite and clear.
  • End to end solutioning from the requirement documentation to final deployment of the project.
  • Specific timeline for each phase of the development procedure.
  • Daily/Weekly standups to update the progress of the project.
  • Payment terms based on each milestone delivery.

Hourly model

When it is difficult to specify the scope, specification and implementation for the development of a project, time and material engagement model is the most attractive option. Under this business model, all the activities are monitored on the hourly basis. And the client is charged according to the predefined hourly rate.

  • Suitable for smaller kind of arrangements Requirements that would likely change in the future or if you would like a flexible model.
  • Team to work on requirements that require an offshore vendor based on priority.
  • Hourly model allows for changes, modifications and deletions to happen along with the expansion of the project.
  • Upfront payment before commencing the work.
  • We create a team based on the discussion with customer and required expertise.